Another Electrum user is claiming that their coins were stolen

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Details of a previous Electrum wallet hack surfaced following the massive 1,400 Bitcoin (BTC) theft that hit headlines a few days ago. 

“I had a similar situation 2 months ago,” a Github user named Cryptbtcaly posted on the social media platform on Aug. 31. The user claimed someone pilfered 36.5 BTC from one of their wallet addresses. The BTC reportedly ended up spread across five different addresses. 

“Some of the stolen Bitcoin went to Binance, but they ignore my appeals and do not return,” cryptbtcaly added.

Details of a larger hack surfaced on Aug. 30, when a different Gihubber reported 1,400 BTC as missing from their Electrum wallet. The thief, or thieves, conducted the hack utilizing a Binance account, based on data from crypto company N-chain. Prior to the recent hack, the victim reportedly had not used this particular Electrum wallet in about three years.

Using data from Crystal Blockchain, Cointelegraph tracking revealed the same Binance wallet to be associated with a 5 BTC withdrawal in January 2018. Comments from a Binance representative, however, revealed the string of character as a transaction tag, not an address. The transaction ID 

This story is developing and will be updated.

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