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Raoul Pal, CEO & Founder at Real Vision, applies the economic cycle theory to predict a major disruption of the global financial system. He believes this will drive Bitcoin to new highs.

Despite the recent rally in the stock market, Pal sees dropping bond yields and falling commodity prices as signs the world economy is heading towards a grave recession. He states:

“I think that the stock market is trading hope and the bond markets trading reality and the bond market will show us where the stock market will go.”

According to Pal’s interpretation of the economic cycle theory – a sequence of boom and bust periods in the world economy – we are at the bottom of the downcycle, which means there is a high probability of major disruption in the global financial system.

“The probability is high that we have to move to a new financial system. And that will probably involve digital currencies in multiple formats.”

According to his readings of the charts, Pal is opposed to the narrative that tells us the Fed money-printing will generate inflation.

“We’re not necessarily creating higher prices because maybe the price of goods is falling faster than the price of money.”

Still, Pal predicts that the devaluation of currencies all around the world will pave the way for the Bitcoin price to rise 50x to 100x in the next five years. In this scenario, Bitcoin has a high chance to become a widely adopted reserve currency.

“Think of it as your own sovereign currency that you can always go to if your governments are acting bad.”

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