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The creator of the Bitcoin (BTC) price model, which forecasts $288,000 for BTC/USD by 2024 will “go dark” if his predictions come true.

Speaking on the latest edition of the Stephan Livera podcast on May 5, PlanB warned about the implications of his Bitcoin bull scenario. 

PlanB: world of $288K Bitcoin will be “nasty” 

Stock-to-flow’s latest incarnation, S2FX, was released last week and increased its average Bitcoin price expectations five times compared to the previous version.

For PlanB, despite the obvious satisfaction of BTC/USD increasing by an order of magnitude in line with stock-to-flow, the result would not be without its problems.

“I will go dark if the model is successful because if the model is successful, it will not be a pretty picture,” he said. 

It will be nasty, it will (be) maybe war — people have Bitcoins, some people don’t have Bitcoin, it’ll be some countries have Bitcoins, some won’t have Bitcoins, it will be the U.S. dollar losing its reserve status, it will be geopolitical, it will be military.

Bitcoin stock-to-flow chart as of May 6, 2020. Source: PlanB/ Digitalik

A new model if stock-to-flow breaks down

Contrary to what he perceives as the expectations of some, PlanB added that should the model break, he would remain a social media presence. 

“That’s not the case; I’ll stay then, because we’ll need a different model,” he explained.

Critics continue to line up to pour scorn on stock-to-flow. As Cointelegraph reported, they include Bitfinex Bitcoin whale J0E007, Vitalik Buterin and others. 

PlanB has argued that those attempting to discredit the model have failed to come up with evidence or an alternative theory which is demonstrably accurate.

In five days’ time, the third Bitcoin block subsidy halving — a key milestone in the stock-to-flow timeline to $288,000 and higher — will become reality.

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