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Ajey Nagar, a Popular Indian YouTuber with 6.7 million subscribers, is the latest victim of the ongoing BitCoin giveaway scam on Youtube.

The hack happened on Nagar’s second Youtube channel- CarryisLive where he streams himself playing video games with YouTubers and celebrities.  

Two Bitcoin giveaway scam promotional videos were reportedly posted on the channel. Both videos displayed bitcoin addresses. One of the videos also featured an image of SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk supposedly giving away Bitcoin. The scammers were promising to double the Bitcoin sent to them.  

By press time, Ajey Nagar announced that his Youtube channel is back to normal. 

Source: Ajey Nagar Twitter Post  

This is not the first time Bitcoin giveaway scams made their way on Youtube. As Cointelegraph previously reported, fake Bitcoin giveaways from channels claiming to belong to Elon Musk scammed users out of $150,000. Scammers recently also attempted to use the “double your money” cons to target VeChain VET tokens holders. YouTube’s legal team has argued the platform is immune from liability for cryptocurrency scams perpetrated as part of its video content or descriptions.

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